Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wake-Up Call on Slipshod Search Terms

From the New York Law Journal:
Evidently weary of deficient keyword searches, U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck recently issued a self-styled "wake-up call" to members of the bar in the Southern District. Instead of attorneys designing keywords without adequate information "by the seat of their pants," Peck appealed for keyword formulations based on careful thought, quality control, testing and cooperation.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hidden gems

Websites often have hidden gems, sometimes referred to as Easter eggs in IT parlance. I would consider (drop down menu to divorce information) as one. This is a page on divorce information such as what types of divorce do not require a court hearing. If you know of an "Easter egg" hidden on your website please let us know and we'll share it with our readers.

Friday, April 10, 2009

HeinOnline Offers "Getting Started" Webinar

The Supreme Court library subscribes to HeinOnline. It is available from a public access computer in the library (and at the desktop for Supreme Court staffers - call the Ref Desk x41640 if you need the password). Hein is offering a web-based seminar next Wednesday, April 15 from 10-1 PDT. Register here.

For those of you unfamiliar with HeinOnline, it contains databases of searchable images (PDFs) of law reviews, government documents (CFRs, session laws of all 50 states, historical congressional documents), United Nations and American Law Institute documents.

For more information including announcements of new databases, search info, tips and tricks and more on HeinOnline, check out the HeinOnline blog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Supreme Court Unveils New Website and Domain

The Supreme Court unveiled its new domain and website this morning. A feature of the new website is summaries of the cases before the court. The court is also streaming oral arguments and archiving audio files of prior oral arguments (though there's a bit of a lag before they are posted).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fla. Bar Association Sued Over Ban on Client Testimonials

Public Citizen has sued the State Bar of Florida on behalf of attorney Joel Rothman challenging the constitutionality of its ban on client testimonials in attorney advertising.
The case stems from Rothman's use of the online lawyer directory Avvo, which not only lists attorneys but also ranks them on a scale of one to 10 and gives clients an opportunity to review attorneys.
Rules on attorney advertising in Nevada can be found at NRS 7.045, RPC 7.1-RPC 7.4.

Prime Interest Rates

Every January and July the Nevada Division of Financial Institutions publishes the Prime Interest Rate according to NRS 99.040(1). To view this pdf which lists the rates from 1987 to 2009 go to their website .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We have many links to forms on our website. We add links constantly as we find new forms posted or older forms updated. These forms are meant to be used as a template, or an example, since each situation is different and one form does not fit all. If you find a form that you think would be useful to link to on our website, please let me know.

Petition for Judicial Review

The Clark County Civil Law Resource Center has developed instructions and sample forms to petition for judicial review. You can find the forms on the Eighth Judicial District Court Probate website under the section "Petitions and Order Packets."

Updated 4/9/10: The Petition for Judical Review has been moved to the Civil/Criminal/Probate Forms Library section of the Clark County Courts website. The forms are listed alphabetically and you will need to scroll about two-thirds of the way down the page to find the petition.